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**Royal Chess Academy** is one of Delhi's best Chess Academies.- Under the leadership of *Director - Rahul Gupta*
the chess players of this academy have found the highest place in the Delhi State Competition. This Academy is best for Beginners level Students.
This academy has more than 20+ Running Chess Centers throughout in Delhi.
The Academy's atmosphere is very good.
Academy's Chess Teacher's are very good and it is quite sensible to handle players and teach them.
The whole credit goes to *Rahul Sir* who manages all these so well.
The Royal Chess Academy, which is like a family, I'm enjoying to being a part of it...
I recommend to join the academy for those who want to make their child a chess player and for those who want to learn chess for better future and mental development... 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.


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