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Royal Chess Academy 24*7 available for you now | Contact for Offline / Online sessions

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Online Chess Sessions

[Individual / Group]

Running Successfully All Over The World

Starting from Age group 05+

Certificate after every level

Royal Chess Academy in North & West Delhi

Learn & Play 


by the Best Trainers in the Town 


Royal chess academy players rating

We are delighted to announce the player ratings for the players of Royal chess academy. These ratings are a testament to the hard work, dedication, and exceptional performance of our players throughout the recent sporting events and competitions.

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    Offline Chess Sessions

    Visit to your nearest Rca center

    • International Rated Chess Coaches 

    • Group Sessions 

    • Starting Age 05+

    • Self designed structured curriculum

    • Flexible Timings

    Choose Your Level And Start Learning

    Level 01

    New To Chess

    Level 02

    Know How To Play

    Level 03

    Local Tournament Player


    Level 04

    Unrated Chess Player


    Level 05

    Rated [1000-1500]


    Level 06

    Rated 1500+


    Royal Achiever's

    View More
    Soham Gupta
    Arshvir Singh
    Gurmanya Kaur
    Om Rastogi
    Agrim Jain
    Delhi State Champions 2019
    Best Delhi Player
    Nationals Under 11
    National Under 07
    Linyesha Danwar

    About Royal's

    We Nurture Genius Minds

    Royal Chess Academy is a progressive chess instruction company that incorporates the latest in modern educational theory with tried and true approaches to scholastic chess learning.

    At Royal Chess, we understand that being good at chess is important but knowing how to teach chess is critical.  That is why our instructors are both accomplished players as well as experienced teachers and coaches.  They understand the challenges of childhood learning and incorporate elements of Mindfulness and a Growth Mindset approach to their teaching..

    Chess For Children

    Kids are getting started with chess at earlier and earlier ages these days. Here’s how to make it a fun and engaging experience for them.

    Why Chess is must for your child ?
    Chess is a great game to start learning when you’re young. Not only is it a fun and intellectually stimulating pastime, but it actually has mental benefits that will help children’s brains grow at a faster rate. You won’t get that from Candy Land!

    Importance of an Early Start

    Many people feel that an early start at chess will give their child a competitive edge and the best possible shot at becoming the next Boris Spassky or Bobby Fischer. While this approach may be effective in some rare circumstances, it more often causes more harm than good. It’s important not to push your children too far too soon. Your desire for them to become that next big chess star is not enough – they have to want it for themselves, too and be willing and able to put in the work required in a healthy and balanced way.

    Well, What are You Waiting For?

    If you’ve not yet introduced your child to the game of chess, now may be the perfect time! Whatever you do, don’t force them to participate if they’re not interested. Simply explain the rules in terms that they would understand, and see if they would like to try playing a game with you. It’s possible that their attention spans may be smaller than their interest, in which case you’ll need to be a patient teacher

    Mental Benefits of Chess

    It’s true! Not only is chess a fun pastime, but it can also make your mind sharper. Read on to find out how.

    Chess is often thought of as a cerebral game for intellectuals, but new research has shown that you don’t need to be a genius to start playing chess. In fact, just the act of regularly playing chess can actually make you smarter! So, it’s possible that high level chess players didn’t start out as intelligent as they are today, but it was actually the practice of playing chess regularly that helped them increase their IQs, among other things. There are actually several different types of mental benefits that come from playing chess, so if you want to improve overall cognitive function, it’s time that we all break out our chess boards !!


    Physical Benefit of Chess

    Anything that gets us to think can improve our brain’s cognitive abilities, but chess can also improve your physical well-being.

    There are many activities, like sports, that benefit both the body and the mind, and that includes chess. Anything that gets us to think can improve our brain’s cognitive abilities, but chess can also improve your physical well-being, even if you’re sitting in a chair. Who would have guessed that anything you can do sitting down could benefit your health, especially when we’re constantly told that sitting and watching TV is the worst thing we can do for our bodies?
    Well, studies show that playing chess actually changes the physical structure of our bodies, so let’s have a look at the exact benefits.


    What people think about us

    Mr. Shijo

    Children were very excited to play games in a tournament for the first time. They got an opportunity in a platform to play game in true spirit. Both my kid’s game improved and learnt to speak chess moves and various terms professionally after joining academy. Our sincere thanks to their Coaches and to entire Royal Chess Academy team.

    Greetings and Regards from
    Parents of Juliana and Joel

    Our Partners in Progress

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    Our Partners in Progress

    "Individually we are one drop, but together we are an ocean."

    Royal Chess Academy is proud to have successful partners who played a big role in the success of academy for last 08 years 

    Over 40+ centers all over the world Royal's successfully build a strong community to provide best services to clients . We are always ready to welcome new partners who are looking for more growth in the same field.

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