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Royal Chess Academy

A great place to learn and master Chess !!

Here at Royal Chess Academy, we prioritize the learning journey of our students. Our sessions are tailor-made to maximize a student’s learning potential. Students are enrolled, in group chess classes based on their current level and age and are moved up when they show they have mastered the current material. There are 5 levels of classes starting from younger 3.5 years old 
Every chess group or individual class has homework assigned weekly to reinforce the chess knowledge learned in the chess class. Latest technical equipment, including smart boards & Chessbase are used to improve the effectiveness of teaching chess to kids.


 Free Demonstration

Best for every guardian

who likes to choose the right coach

This service is a favorite among many of my clients, as it allows them to take a call for the best service provider. we provide a free session for one on one interaction with our Coach. It helps you to judge the compatibility between coach and the student, which gives you confidence of taking the right decision and choosing the right coach for your ward.

Academy / Club / In-Home Session

We are Open Now

An ultimate one to one and group sessions by experts. Playing practice sessions with other Club players and chance of getting analysis with International rated chess players. The best way of learning and improvement is to fight on field .
After Pandemic of two years, Now we are open for offline Sessions


Online Group Sessions

Best for Elementary to Intermediate &  Advance level

An interactive online lesson for every level. Similar to traditional classroom settings, participants will also have time to play a supervised game. We are using LiChess platform for playing. All participants are required to create a free account on LiChess and join the Royal Chess Academy Team for the coaches to be able to monitor the game. Meeting link will be sent out prior to the scheduled class.

Online Individual Session

Best for Beginners Level

An interactive one-on-one lesson for all levels and ages. You can choose your own schedule and we'll find a coach to match your availability. Each student will be assessed by the coach (on the first session) and the lesson plans will be crafted based on the needs, skill-level, strengths, and weaknesses.

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